Vegetable plants are so wide and varied that different species are best planted in different parts of the UK, Europe and the wider world. Here at the Whinwhistle Nursery and Cutting Garden, we stock a range of vegetable plants that are ideally suited for cultivation in Southern England.

Our current ranges include kale, chard and tomato varieties, but keep your eyes peeled as we will be releasing additional products in the near future.

Vegetables are a mixture of perennials, annuals and biennials, which are usually harvested within a year of sowing or planting. You need to be careful that different vegetable plants will have differing soil requirements, so make sure you check that the plants you are buying suit the soil that you have in your garden.

We are able to provide you with the best advice for planting vegetables, even down to the types of pots to use, or even the best position in your garden or greenhouse.

Our latest vegetable plants are listed below:

Sprouting Kale of the Cavelo di Nero