Succulents are fantastic plants to keep and are relatively easy to care for. Typically, succulents are better suited to warm and arid, or dry desert like conditions. They are drought resistant plants whose roots, stems and leaves have become more fleshy to enable them to store water.

Succulents come in many different species and varieties, from the cacti and aloe plants that we all know about, to the more interesting tender succulents, like the Aeonium Zwartkop, and different varieites of Echevarias (shown right).

These plants are ideally suited for indoor use, or for placing in a protected environment, such as a greenhouse. They do require protecting in Winter months and many of these plants will not survive outside in lower Autumnal, Winter and Spring seasonal temperatures..

Succulents are beautiful ornamental garden plants and they uplift any room when planted in pots inside your house.

There are a number of different succulents available from Whinwhistle:

An Echeveria Elegans succulent plant