Spice up your kitchen palate and your garden with an aromatic range of herbs. Useful for flavouring your culinary masterpieces or garnishing food, our herbs will leave a fresh taste in your mouth and are the perfect solution for all you budding chefs. Not forgetting our mint varieties that can be made into a perfectly refreshing mint tea!

Herbaceous plants are wide ranging and the varieties available from the Whinwhistle Nursery and Cutting Garden are all local to the UK, or further reaching into mainland Europe. Our herbs are seasonal some varieties may not be available throughout the year.

On the whole, herbs are easy to grow throughout the milder springtime, summer and autumnal seasons here in the UK, however they will need protecting over the winter months, either by bringing them inside, or moving them into a greenhouse.

You can browse our range of herbs below:

Flat leaf parsley herb leaves